For new entrepreneurs, with no business history, the process of setting up shop can be really overwhelming because obviously, it is the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey. The small business owners are always really excited about their quality service or the products they offer or how they need to engage their first customers. There are very few of the local business men, who think about methods of bringing the customers consistently to their shops. This is a really common mistake and many businessmen have a point of view that whatever is left over, they should use for advertising.


You need to understand that marketing and advertising is actually an investment, not an expense. Here we are suggesting some of the top most tips for new businessmen to take their local business to the whole next level. If you’re a newbie in business, you should definitely check them out to establish a totally successful business career.



There are many available directories that you can use to get citations on. The popular ones are Bing, Google+ or Yahoo Local etc, but along with that, you should have access to the local listings in your area as well. Get your business listed in local classified ads as it can be really helpful. When people need something and look for it nearby, they are surely going to use the local search tools. If your company is listed in the local classifieds with the required material for the attraction of target audience – solid content, proper keywords, contact information – it will provide a lot of ease to customers to find is locally. You should make sure to use the Google Places too with the proper mapping location and get yourself listed.



Blogging is always a great way to keep your website useful and current. You can choose your blog topics on the basis of your industry news and quirks, which will make you a reliable source of information with opinions. Along with that, you can also use the trending keywords for your new pages, but make sure to not “keyword stuff” your content.

You can also use social media and wisely make use of it. If you promote your business on social media, you can have daily opportunities to interact with customers to understand their requirements and get their feedback. You should use the Hashtags to drive sales from the relevant communities.

Use both blogging and social media, as they have unique purposes. The best marketing strategy is that you should post the snippets and links of your informative videos of well written and informative articles from your blogs on the social media profiles of the company. Use Twitter or Facebook etc to gain the followers and after that, you can direct them to your company’s blog through the ads or links.



It’s natural that your starting point of creating a presence is web, but you need to create a mobile responsive website to gain high traffic. There are many small businesses that do not have a responsive website; the one that works for both web and mobiles.

Nowadays, social media websites are mostly used by smartphones. Many tweeters go online with smartphone and almost half a billion uses of Facebook access it via mobile devices. The biggest social media platform, Instagram is all about mobile as well. It means that if you want to gain the followers from social media websites, it is crucial to ensure it’s optimized, so that the users can be able to browse and have a satisfying shopping experience.


Make the customer experience your priority. For this, pretend that you are the client and follow all the steps the potential customer may follow to approach you, learn about you and eventually pay you. Take account of how easy or hard the whole procedure is? Are they able to access all content of your site easily? What is it that is blocking them to become the paying customers? Every time you make a modification, make sure to test it on your own. Make your website is multi platform compatible, so that they can access it from everywhere. Mention the contact resources and phone numbers clearly on your website, so that the customers can easily approach you.

You need to understand that it’s about them, not you. Use the hashtags to start up the conversations on social media and observe the customer language, so that you can engage with them on those terms. Also you should provide answers for FAQs to help readers make a purchase decision. You can do it yourself or get your customer support team involved.



You also have to listen to the users too. If you are doing your job right, then obviously people will have the good experiences with your services. This does not always mean that you’ll get the returning customers; the more important thing is the positive word of mouth. The customer reviews have stronger impact than the social media shares, so you need to make sure that every customer has access to the review section.

You should also interview your satisfied customers and highlight their satisfactory factors. You can do this by writing their opinions or making a video and asking them about their experience with the company. Never underestimate the power of WOM.

The local business marketing can be effective with the positive WOM. Tell your customers to refer your services to other people and offer the current customer some discounts. By doing this, you will see your customer list growing automatically.



It’s okay if you are not the master of all trades; you don’t need to. You can always get the professional help for the higher quality website material, which will save your time as well. You can hire web designers and freelance writers to write the contents of your blogs and in this way, you can save a lot of headache for sure.



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