Top 5 Local Digital Marketing Tips for 2016


Stepping into 2016 brings new challenges for marketers and entrepreneurs to attract their local potential customers. With the day by day increasing startups and local firms, attracting your local customers is not a piece of cake. You need to know and understand the local digital marketing trends that will help you to grow your business in 2016. You need to prepare a killer strategy and follow the excellent local digital marketing tips that would help you to achieve your new business goals in 2016.

We present you top 5 tips for local digital marketing that will help you to achieve new milestones in 2016.

1.  Automate and Optimise your Social Media Performance

Due to the presence of millions of users and social media networks, platforms

like facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Pinterest, etc. Could be great to convert

users into your customers. But you need to automate and optimise the social media

processes for your firm so that you can save your time and reach maximum users and

engage them easily and efficiently. Using tools like Hootsuite, Sprout Social you can

easily automate and schedule your social media posts on all platforms and they will help you

to stay on top of your interactions on a regular basis. Rather than wasting your time checking

all your social media accounts manually, just post valuable content targeted to your local

customers and it will help you position your business on top of the list among all your



2. Make sure your website is Mobile Friendly

   Being Mobile friendly means Google friendly nowadays. According to a Google post on Feb 26,

2015 Google from April 21, 2015, Google is giving more importance to the sites which are

mobile-friendly. Also, due to day by day increase in number of smartphones users, more than

60% of users access the internet through their mobile to search for local services providers.

So, if your website is not-mobile friendly, you might be losing more than 60% of your potential


Also, according to an interesting study by Google,  the percentage of users who search for the

local services through their mobile, leads to sales more in comparison to the users who

search through their desktops or tablet device. If you want to check whether your website is

mobile friendly or not, you can check through this Mobile-Friendly Test by Google


3. Focus on Local SEO optimisation

   Whether you own a restaurant or you are a retailer or a manufacturer or any other local

service provider, you can use local SEO to improve your business reach to local customers

and grow your sales. Local SEO optimisation is going to be an extremely effective part of your

Local Online Digital marketing activities in 2016. It allows you to reach your local customers at

exactly the time they’re looking for the type of services that you provide. It will help you

improve your online ranking and will allow your potential customers to land on your website

instead of your competitors. So if you want to have a step ahead of the competition, start

focussing on local SEO optimisation.


4. Use Videos marketing 

   Video marketing has been playing an important role for last few years, but it will set the new

trends in Local Digital Marketing in 2016. According to a research, from 2013-2015, there was

a 360% increase in video views.The new Facebook trend of hosting videos on it’s own servers

prevent users from landing on Youtube. It has created a great user experience for Facebook

users. So, you can drive customer engagement by uploading fresh and quality videos on

Facebook as well.


5. Be Geo-sensitive

  Many local Businesses make the mistakes of not using the keywords in their marketing that

focus on the local location. If you own a cafe in San Francisco, then there is no point in using

the keywords which target the whole USA. So while creating your local digital marketing

strategy for 2016, you should include the local keywords that would help you attract your local

customers on your website and will rank your website high on Google rank. The basic way to

do this is to use your city name, the state name in the heading of your pages, in your content

and meta tags along with regular keywords.You can also advertise your business in local

newspaper websites rather than national.So be Geo-Sensitive and your marketing activities

should communicate a message to your target audience that your services are especially for

them and you are a part of their community.


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