Top 6 tips to Local SEO optimization for your business

If you have small or medium size business that targets local customers in your city or state or country, then you need to be well aware of the Local SEO optimisation required for your Business. If you are not using Local SEO strategies in your marketing and are still stuck with the General SEO guidelines, then this is the best time to revise your marketing strategy.

The Local SEO optimisation helps you to boost up your rank in the search engine result pages and help you reach your local target audience more effectively and efficiently.

In this post, we will take you through the tips to Local SEO optimisation that will help  you to boost your visibility among  potential local customers.

1. Use Google My Business

If you have not registered your business on Google, this is something primary you need to do. This tool helps you to manage your online presence across Google including organic search and Google Maps. Your business is considered more reputable and trustworthy when you use Google my Business. It also helps the visitors to find a lot of details about your business including hours, website, and street address, etc. In addition, it increases your business visibility on all devices that user might be using to search you like smartphones, Tablets, etc.  Information about your business on any number of gizmos and gadgets are available today. Here is the link to get started with Google My Business

2. Update accurate and full Business information on all the local Directories

Make a list of all the local online directories and update your business information on them one by one. But you need to take care that the business location and other information like name and phone number on each directory should not miss match as it  harms your Local SEO optimisation. It can be a hectic job to update all the directories with your business information, but this is something very important to make your Local SEO optimisation successful. Also, try to fill your business information in the local directory as maximum as possible to get better results.

3. Make use of Local Keywords to get better results

When it comes to Local SEO, you are not targeting everything out there. You are targeting people based on their geographic location. Before executing your Local SEO optimization strategy for a website or social media,  do a proper local keyword research and check which keywords are more beneficial for your business. It will increase your reach to your local audience. The first step  to make your keywords effective is to use the name of city or your local region.
4. Do a complete on page optimisation of your website

After completing up your Local keywords strategy, you need to optimize your website for local search ranking. Add the local keywords in the website that you have decided to target. Update the website’s Titles, meta tags and content on each page with these local keywords and Geo-specific information.

5. Create different listings and pages for various  Business Locations

If you have more than one store or business location, you should use a separate listing for each of them. For example if you are a cafe franchisee that operates in 20 different locations of a state or country, make sure that each cafe has a separate landing page with the keywords including its nearby location in the title, etc. Embed Google Maps to your website to help your local audience find you easily.
6. Get five star rating and positive local reviews

Another important thing that is essential for Local SEO optimisation is to get reviews. Ask your customers to provide the positive reviews on your Google listing and other local directories on which you have registered your business. It will help you to boost up your local reach in Google results because Google considers your reviews while calculating your rank. The simple way to do it is to ask your customers for reviews via email or face to face at your store.


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