In recent years, the consumers are gradually moving away from the big-box impersonal retailers and are attracted towards the businesses of their own cities. When you consider the amount of small businesses that surround you in usual routine, it is quite impressive when you estimate the time and judge the amount of hard work and commitment these individuals contribute to make their businesses successful and stay alive. They can be anyone, local craftsmen, product providers or dealers, having locally made items that are sold on a small scale.

Small business: Happy owner of a café showing open sign
Small business: Happy owner of a café showing open sign

When you, as a consumer, support the local businesses by dealing with them, you can actually enjoy the benefits you can possibly achieve if you shop from the national chains.

Here are some of the strong reasons to support and purchase from your local entrepreneurs.

  • è Boost in Local Economy:

When you shop from the local business, you basically ensure that your money isn’t going in the pockets of the directors in some other country. The money you spend on your local firm returns to your community in the form of local programs and activities, employee wages or shopping at other businesses locally. Your money helps kids through school and other curricular activities, puts food in kitchen and most importantly, serves you better by creating more opportunities for the firms you shop at to grow and spread their businesses.


  • è More Personalized Customer Service:

Small businesses deliver better and stronger customer service. Their personal commitment to their businesses is the reason behind this and that’s why a typically stronger customer care is experienced from the whole team, whether it’s small or large. Additionally, they have to build the attentive sense of care for the job and labor they do, so they have a more hands-on role within the local businesses. Also the smaller companies of local areas are flexible as they are willing to bend the rules at the required time. For example they can alter the return policy or can even deliver you the VIP treatment when there’s a rain storm or any such condition.


  • è Job Creation:

The local firms usually hire the people around their areas. They usually prefer people who are a good fit like the youth, over people they can get away with paying less or workers from other countries, willing to work at lower wages.

Women smiling in grocery store

  • è Product Diversity:

This may be the fact that the big box merchants have a larger footprint on any local economy, but it never means they have huge variety to offer. At the chain store, you know that what will you find, but at the local businesses, the inventory options are quite surprising, which is totally to a customer’s advantage. Just because a store is bigger doesn’t mean it has more to offer, it is the assortment of inventory that is deeper, not diverse.



  • è Friendly Environment:

The small businesses tend to support other local business for their benefits and needs. They prefer to use the locally situated coffee shop just a few minutes away instead of driving across town to purchase at Starbucks. They’ll use local suppliers for their requirements, for example they’ll use the print shop of the street for their posters rather than ordering them online. This brings an overall friendly environment in the whole society and people are more aware of each other. There is less shipping, which means less transport costs and less packaging wastes as well.


  • è You Matter More:

Your desires and choices are more important to the owners of local businesses, contrary to the managers of chain stores. You can even mould a local business by your purchasing decisions and response. Due to the fact that the success and growth of the local businesses rely upon your feedback, the respective owners are going to be more polite and will offer you the best sales and customer service.

The workers can inform you about the plus points of particular products or services and recommend them in the light of the local area requirements.



  • è Unique Businesses Create Character:

There is a unique character is every local community that is mainly defined by the presence of local markets and businesses. While every business is unique, what also makes customer care more valuable and interesting is just being different. The distinctiveness provided by the local businesses to your community is the reason to enhance the overall satisfaction that lets you realize the value of your home and property. Another important thing is that the different and interesting businesses increase the tourism in the region.


  • è Improved Health:

Buying local food can bring numerous health advantages to you and your family. It is really convenient to find the locally farmed products and ethically raised meats. You can have access to fruits and veggies that you’re sure are chemical free, along with the fresh eggs and dairy from the animals that feast on the local grass. There are also great benefits to eat the local raw honeys, which can battle several allergies. The products are picked when they’re ripe, not when they are green and brought in from other places. If you frequently buy from the local markets, you’ll encourage the local farmers to sell their products there.


  • è You can Sometimes Try Before you Buy:

The local businesses are obviously on site, so you can ask them if you can trial a product. There are many independent farm shops or bakeries that hand out the tasters or throw tasting wine events. This cannot happen online and often major retailers do afford to slash the prices, but there is no use in wasting money on products that you end up not even liking.

  • è Time:

The line ups are shorter and staff is easily accessible, so there is less time spent on searching for goods, driving to bigger stores and getting in or out of them. You can save your ton of time by simply going to the local stores.




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